Success in engaging attention to campaign your customers and clients depends on answering one key question: what will my customers and clients want see next? 

We present to your attention a new extension for photoshop to animate images - ImageMotion.

ImageMotion is Photoshop Extension for animation images will empower you to do just that. Here we are presents a powerful opportunity for you. That means an emerging opportunity to build new visions, new ways to create content that clients and customers will love. ImageMotion will help you and your team to identify this trend that you should work with, and then turn new trend into powerful new ideas.


ImageMotion Overview

Specially designed photoshop`s extension to create animation effect for any images & photos. You can animate different parts of your pictures or apply effects known by you like as  parallax, photo motion, 2.5 D animation, etc. You have options add lens flare & dust lens effect, also this panel have 12 color effect for your image.



Adobe Photoshop CC 2014;
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015;
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5;
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017;

and work on both operating system:    


It`s absolutely impressive love it and so simple to use with no tutorial
— Stacci Managements
Finally something new in photoshop.
— Jonathan S.
Absolutely what I needed
— Paul Wilson
I`m really impressed with this extension
— Francis
Produces beautifully realistic results. Already used it on a couple of jobs. Highly recommended
— Scott
Great tool, pleasure to work with!
— Baker Adam

Animate your image! Now it became incredibly easy!

You can create amazing animated pictures just a few clicks. All the tools are designed in one special panel for photoshop. Follow the steps and quickly get the amazing result. You don't need to be confused in numerous activities and to seek appropriate action. The panel has friendly design that help very easy and quickly create animated content.



1. Create

Create new or open existing image.

2. Animate

Follow the steps on the panel to create the animation.

3. Amaze

Add various effects and export your result.


Export options

1. Animated Gif format

2. Movie

3. Image Sequence


A course of lessons to get a quick start


This video available only for buyers

This video available only for buyers


Lens Flare Pack

With the panel you will receive a big pack with 20 lens flare. You can add them in your design, image or photo and you may add your own variant of lens flare.

Dust Light Effect

Also with panel you get pack of dust light effect known by you as lens dust. You may add any of them or add your own dust light.


Free Animated Photoshop Action

With ImageMotion you will get 4 great photoshop action absolutely free!


Unlimited Images and photos converted

Course of video training

Free updates. Forever!

No any locks  inside of the panel

Customer supports 24/7

Work only with English version from Adobe Photoshop CC2014+

Automate the process

Now we are working on significant improvements of the plugin and extending the functionality


Purchase options




Via Paypal


Via Gumroad with Credit card or Paypal


Version of Imagemotion


date release: April 2017

12$ (Old price)

NOW FOR 19$ !

Major update
Pre-release launch v1.1

date release: 09 june 2017

Update will include fresh interface, new functions and new features. Also update include free items. We strive to ensure that your workflow will be fully automated and you get awesome results.

Major update
Official launch 1.2

date release: august-september 2017


Update will include all necessary function for producing animated content.

Price 25$*

Some minor updates can include some freebies too.

* The price can vary and is not the final cost.